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Why you should choose ARMINTER?

  1. we know the market value of a ship and we strongly believe that the asset value of the ship must be safeguarded in the best and most cost effective way.
  2. we believe that a planned maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns.
  3. we know the important role played by the crew nowadays and for this  reason we are extremely strict when selecting the seafarers. We do believe that crew should be properly trained in their duties and responsibilities. This is the reason why we use to train our crew in excess of the requirements of the STCW and other applicable laws.  Our crew are trained to our needs and to protect our client’s interest and not only to comply with the rules.
  4. we believe that the Safety Management System should be properly  implemented not only to comply with the rules but mainly to avoid  injuries to personnel, damage to the ship, her cargo and to the  environment.
  5. our reputation in the shipping industry was built up, day after day, on quality, reliability, transparency and cost efficiency.
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